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Sr. Project Architect


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A registered architect in the state of Tennessee, Paul McCall has 20 years of experience in architecture for corporate, commercial, residential, and institutional clients. Paul is an advocate for an Architecture of regional modernism, integrating modern technologies and methods with the specifics of place. Within this approach, Paul has an interest in the “big picture” design moves that establish a building’s overall aesthetic and feel, but has an equal interest in the aesthetic and technical properties of the detail, as the well-executed detail establishes the more tangible aesthetic of a place while promoting the longevity of the building.

Paul also has a deep interest in real sustainability: the idea that modern technology can be integrated with common sense natural systems in a meaningful way is an appropriate ethical stance for Architects. Within this design philosophy, Paul seeks to involve the client and user groups at a high level to produce the most functional and productive outcomes possible. He understands that the process of turning a Project into a built reality is always a team effort, whether it be working through initial programming with the client or working out detail issues in the field with the contractor.

  • Bachelor of Architecture, University of Tennessee, 1995
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