Its been almost 28 years since Greg Campbell joined DIA as its first full time employee.  In those early years, Faris and Greg worked hard, hand in hand, to get the firm off the ground establishing the foundation for today’s strong and diversified design firm.  Although Greg left for a short while, he came back in 2007 to where he belonged, in a leadership position at DIA.  The strong relationship between Greg and Faris continued to thrive throughout the years, based on their mutual trust and respect for each other.

We are proud to announce that Greg has become DIA’s first new Equity Partner in 25 years, serving as a Principal and Executive Vice President.  Becoming a Shareholder has added credence to what we felt for many years, and solidified Greg’s place as a long-term leader in the firm. 

For DIA, this is the first step in establishing a Path to Leadership track, by paving the way for others to rise in the ranks and become DIA’s future Shareholders.


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