Sustainability Initiative

Innovative designs are artful, intelligent, sustainable, and value-conscious. At DIA, this is our passion. It leads to the creation of spaces and environments that inspire people enhance quality of life, are environmentally sensitive, and deliver value. Whether through the restoration of historic buildings, or LEED certification of the design of new facilities, DIA has always been committed to sustainable design.

DIA has joined the Architecture 2030 Challenge which is a path to carbon-neutral buildings by the year 2030. By taking on this challenge, we aim to bring sustainable and resilient principles to the discussion as we would address any other constraint, even we if we are not pursuing a green building program certification. We will be transparent about all options and understand that many approaches may not be feasible.

The simple guideline we maintain, though, is to do more with less. This applies to many components of the project such as:

  • Higher efficiency with structure, which means less material transported and less use.
  • Maximizing daylight along with reducing heat gain, which impacts not only the use of energy but size of systems to heat and cool the buildings.
  • Consider integrating passive ventilation strategies to provide more fresh air. After the past two years, we have come to learn the impact of air quality on the health of our interior environments. Better ventilation and filtration can have an enormous impact on interior air quality.
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