7 Market Square

With the flurry of revitalization in downtown Knoxville, Jim and Janet Hasler were inspired to renovate a two-story building that they had purchased at 7 Market Square. The goal was to restore the historic character of the charming facade, create a vital commercial space on the Square, and build a warm, inviting living space for their family above.

The existing arched balcony wall was 24 feet long but only 42 inches from the exterior arches, making the porch area wide but extremely shallow. Design Innovation Architects (DIA) suggested moving the existing balcony wall back, just as it was, into the interior space. This satisfied the Historic Zoning Commission and established a lovely 24-by-12-foot outdoor patio on the second floor overlooking gardens, trees, and fountains: a great view for the owners and their guests of all of the activities on Market Square.

The first-floor facade was also reconstructed with more appropriate scale and proportion, and the rear alley facade was reconstructed to allow for utilities and sheltered access to the building.

Knoxville, TN
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