Indoor Pool House

DIA was excited to begin work on this out of the ordinary pool house in Anderson County. The task was to create a recreational space that is comfortable and flexible. Most importantly, the pool was to act as an exercise tool for the client. This was the starting point as a basis-of-design for the pool dimensions. 8’ W x 50’ L x 4 ½’ D (roughly the size of standard swimming lanes) the pool’s proportions lend it to both leisure and exercise. The stone used on the structural “piers” and the water feature wall matches the stone used on the existing residence. Heavy timber trusses are left exposed and add to the rich material palette throughout the design. The front façade is operable allowing the owner to control the enclosure surrounding the pool. This creates a dynamic space that can mitigate energy consumption in the pleasant months of the year. Lastly, there is a hot tub nestled near the end of the pool allowing the owner to rejuvenate their bodies after a healthy exercise session!

Andersonville, TN
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