Osteria Stella and Brother Wolf

Located at the ground floor of the Historic John H. Daniel Building, Osteria Stella and Brother Wolf stand strong by themselves, however the fusion of these two spaces come together to beautifully celebrate the notion of authentic Italian dining. Owners Jessica King and Aaron Thompson came to DIA in February of 2020 with a vision of intertwining qualities of an airy aperitivo bar with a traditional Italian dining experience.

Mimicking the qualities of a traditional Northern Italian aperitivo, Brother Wolf utilizes a combination of contemporary and traditional lighting fixtures illuminate the space and bring lightness and tranquility into the room. Timeless materials of tile and wood evoke an interior design filled with classical themes written in modern language. A vibrant mural invites guests in while simultaneously stimulating their appetite through the use of lively colors, eluding to fresh ingredients.

Contrasting to the light and refreshing atmosphere of Brother Wolf, Osteria Stella evokes a more intimate environment, provoking time to slow down. DIA designed a spectrum of open, semi-enclosed, and private seating areas to accommodate any individuals comfort request. Custom built curved booths add to the provoking, dark and moody atmosphere. Genuine Italian comfort is achieved through the use of vintage Italian chandeliers and other curated decor elements purchased from vintage markets.

Knoxville, TN
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