Sumiden Wire

Completed in July 2017, the project encompasses site layout/design and construction of a 108,000 SF Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) wire manufacturing facility for the production of PC strand products.

The plant consists of approximately 5,500 SF of office space, 22,500 SF of warehouse space, and 80,000 SF of manufacturing and ancillary spaces, all within the PEMB enclosure. The Project exhibits extensive trenching, pits, and special foundations for the process equipment. Site development consists of the development of the entire 21.4-acre property, including site access, parking, stormwater management, and site utilities. With provisions for future expansion of the primary building as well as detached related (i.e. warehousing) future phase structures.

Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area in September 2017, dumping 43 inches of rain over a 72-hour period on the site. Early in the design process, the DIA team recommended to the owner that the building pad elevation should be established at an elevation requiring 66,000 cubic yards of compacted fill to be imported to the site. The result of this decision was that high water was never closer to the finish floor elevation than 17” and Sumiden experienced no lost production time to the hurricane.

Houston, TX
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