Wellco Manufacturing

Tactical Holdings, the parent company of Wellco, was considering moving their manufacturing facilities and corporate headquarters from North Carolina to Morristown, Tennessee, and commissioned Design Innovation Architects (DIA) to provide a conditions assessment analysis for the building they were thinking of purchasing. DIA generated a contingent list of required improvements that the owner used in negotiating a purchase price. DIA was then commissioned to renovate the office and manufacturing/warehousing facility.

For the office component, all new finishes were provided, along with code upgrades to the space. For the manufacturing/warehousing area, DIA surveyed all the current manufacturing equipment and storage systems, gained an understanding of the manufacturing process including the ventilation and utility requirements, and coordinated with the owners’ German process engineers regarding the new facility design and equipment/process configuration. DIA also assisted the owner in construction management so as to gather bids from various subcontractors to work directly for the owner on the renovations and utility connections.

Morristown, TN
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